Everyone wants to be happy. It’s the one thing we all have in common.

But the news, media and advertising play on our insecurities and fears.

Our brains might be wired to latch onto these feelings, but negativity limits us.

We believe in the power of positive energy.

The energy that connects us.

The spark that ignites something great.

Because if negativity closes us up, positivity opens us up – to new opportunities, ideas, possibilities, experiences, relationships.

Positivity empowers us to do things. Create things. Change things. Achieve things.

But for every negative, it takes five positives to smother them.

So that’s what we do.

We help brands connect with people in more positive, human ways.

To create better, more positive experiences.

To spark that something great.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all just people who want to be happy.





We’re conceptual designers, copywriters, PR consultants, account managers, digital marketers, and media buyers. And we come from all kinds of backgrounds – from in-house to agencies, public sector to journalism. Our diversity and experience is how we know the way different industries do business. The chance to pool our knowledge and find better ways is why we came here.

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face to the name

Aaron Jones

Head of Digital

Adam Kilby

Senior PPC Manager

Alex Parker

Digital Operations Manager

Allyson Loots

PR & Content Manager

Bridget McLean

Account Executive

Clare Evans

Digital Content Manager

Corey Coulson

PR & Content Executive

Ebony Bunz

Project Manager

Ebony Morrison

Digital Marketing Manager

Emily Price


Gemma Kisby

Head of HR and Organisational Development

Hannah Moreton

Head of Client Services

Haylea Paul

Graphic Designer

Hayley Evans

Junior PR & Content Manager

Hayley Willis

Head of Support Services

Jason Manning

Managing Director

Jon Perks

Senior PR & Content Manager

Katherine Hawkley

Senior Content Manager

Katie Davis

Senior Account Manager

Kirsty Visman

Australian Director

Laura Lamb

HR Coordinator / PA

Laura Quigley

PR & Content Account Director

Matthew Bubb

Senior Media Executive

Michael Chapman

Data and Analytics Manager

Mike Crate

Creative Head in Australia

Nick Choudhury

PPC Executive

Nicole Hope

PR Manager

Olivia Davenport

PR & Content Manager

Penny-Jane Bourne


Rich Preedy

Head of Creative

Sasha Pejovic

Receptionist / Office Support

Tamara Dorrington

Digital Marketing Manager

Will Dovey

Digital Marketing Apprentice

What We Do


Get people’s attention with a campaign that interests them.


Discover your niche, express who you are and stand out from competitors.

PR & Events

Tell your story so more people want to share it.


Keep up with the way your customers get information.


Bring your idea to life with the right media for your message and audience. 

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