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I quite often get asked what I love most about my job. When I answered this question last week with “the difficult conversations with clients”, I got a very puzzled look in response! I’m sure after reading this you also wonder if I have a heart, so let me explain!

As an Account Manager, I spend most of my days getting “stuff” done: writing briefs for the creative department, attending weekly WIP meetings with clients, proofing and delivering projects.

But for me, what really excites me is the difficult conversations that lead to the amazing work and results we deliver. This is where the skill of having an Account Manager on a project really adds value, because they’re not afraid of these conversations. In fact, we love having them!

In the early days, I would attend meetings and cringe when my manager would sit in front of a client and say “you need more budget” or “no, I don’t think that idea would work, what about this…”. After all, don’t we get taught that the client is always right?

Now I sit there and smile to myself as I hear the exact same thing come out of my mouth.

Yes, we do the day-to-day admin but we also become an extension of our client’s marketing departments. We make it our mission to learn all we can about the industry in which they operate, their clients, what works, what doesn’t work. We take all we know and always question the brief, even if we don’t do it out aloud!

So, next time your Account Manager sits in front of you and questions the brief or budget, it’s not because we want to be difficult or make more money. It’s because we genuinely want to create a campaign that will truly deliver the results you need.

Now I’m at the end of this I’ve realised that actually what I love most is not the difficult conversations. It’s when I can sit in front of a client and say “Do you remember the KPI’s you set six months ago that you thought were unachievable? Well, we smashed them!”

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Katie Davis

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