My two weeks as a Dreamer

Hayley joined the Superdream digital team for two weeks of work experience. Here's her blog on what she got up to as a Dreamer!

For a long time (as most people can relate), I had no idea what I wanted to do and subsequently left university to find my niche. This week has truly set in stone my future endeavours and allowed me to focus my efforts into the realm of digital marketing as I have discovered that this is the career choice for me.

I joined the Superdream digital team for a week placement – and loved it so much I stayed for a fortnight!

I sat right in the middle of the action which was great for getting to know everyone, and experience what it’s really like in a busy marketing team. I got straight to work on some jobs for clients including contacting publishers for quotes on ad space and using the Google Keyword Planner to look at keyword popularity and seasonality.

Over the course of the two weeks, I spent time with each member of the digital team to get to know a bit more about what they do.

I sat with the social media team and learned how to use Facebook to target specific demographics of social media marketing. This was a side I really loved, and is something I can see me perusing in the future. The PPC team showed me how paid advertising works, I attended client meetings, was shown coding, and helped the digital content team carry out a web content audit.

During the latter days of the week I was trusted to contact augmented reality experts to gain information on pricing for a client.

On day one, this would have been an extremely scary concept considering I had to call AR professionals in an office full of marketing professionals. I would never had been able to gain results, if I hadn’t gained communication skills through working on the phones at my prior job as a sales executive at a car insurance broker (something I did not appreciate till now).

My final objective was to collate all my research and knowledge from the week to create a final pitch for a client, I collected all my research on competitors, seasonality etc. to create a digital marketing strategy. I was trusted to create a proposal, decide how much budget should be used on each campaign and specify which audiences should be targeted. An exciting project!

Everyone thinks all you do on work experience is the tea round, and surprisingly this was the hardest thing I did all week! So many different drinks…so many different mugs. The mug politics are real – sorry for giving you the wrong one, Bubb!

Overall, I have had the best week, thoroughly enjoyed every moment and I was lucky enough to do another week to gain additional experience. It has truly given me a focus, as I now aspire to get an apprenticeship in digital marketing and eventually pursue a career. Superdream is an excellent company with an even better workforce, it has been a privilege to be able to learn from the best.

Thanks for having me everyone!

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