The Data & Analytics Team: It's in our D'n'A

We've always held data to be an integral component of marketing on one simple idea: "If you can't prove it, are you really doing any good?"

You can't argue with data, and, as it turns out, we're pretty great.

As we've leveraged data beyond the usual areas of forecasting, reporting and optimisation, we've increasingly seen the value of incorporating data and analytics at the heart of our activity. As a result, we've decided to take our success and dial it up to eleven.

We've created the Data & Analytics team as a separate arm of our Digital team to support and enhance all existing channels including PR, Content and, naturally, search. That said the team also acts independently to help our partners outside of just marketing.

That all sounds pretty cool, but what do we actually do, and why do we do it?


Well yeah, you saw this one coming. That said, this goes beyond installing Analytics and setting up some event tracking. If you're familiar with Google Analytics location reports, you'll know they use IP to figure out where you are. The problem is the UK, and much of Europe, has an internet infrastructure that means when I'm sat at home in Walsall my IP might tell you I'm in Manchester or London which is a bit off. We don't think that's good enough.

In order to address that problem, we've started to leverage the HTML 5 GeoLocation API to gain spot-on co-ordinates which we'll then feed to Google Analytics so we really know where people are.

We also don't think that's good enough, so we then use this data to build remarketing audiences, targeted split-tests, and targeted search campaigns to really personalise our messages. Unsurprisingly, this means better performance for the same budget than if we'd accepted Google Analytics location reports as good enough.

We've also built several bespoke tools and systems to help us help you. If you'll excuse a bit of nerd talk, we've built several Node.js apps to track some particularly stubborn platforms, and a tool that intercepts AJAX forms and other XHR requests to expose useful information on booking forms like party-size, location and the type of table booking so we can build a dynamic revenue value for each contact point.

Oh, we're also all over privacy concerns ranging from the ever-present GDPR to the latest change, the ePrivacy Directive, which we've covered right over here.

Beyond the legality of data, the Data & Analytics team is also passionate about respecting the moral and ethical implications of data and we'll always have a frank discussion about where we draw the line.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) does exactly what it says on the tin. We take existing traffic and we make it work better, this is most commonly accomplished through a very collaborative and fluid split-testing plan and supportive heatmapping / session recordings.

For example, we have a long-standing financial client and we wanted to test including reviews on their pages. Our first version was a generic catch-all review which didn't see much traction, so we took the data from that and evolved the test. The results? £70,000 more in monthly deposits compared to the base version.

Data Strategy

I promise this isn't a buzzword. Put simply, we incorporate data learnings into everything we do, from pitch to proposal to delivery we refine strategies and tactics based on reality. When the alternative is sticking our head in the ground and playing ostrich, we know what choice we will make every-single-time.

Internal Data Management

We can pop over to your office, warehouse, store, bar, pub or wherever and help you figure out what's going on internally. We don't just help you figure out your marketing we can help you figure out what to do with your internal data. From building management reports to HR dashboards we can help out because we do it over here!

For example, like any company, we keep track of what time we spend where, who we're talking to and our business pipeline and naturally our finances. We use a range of tools to accomplish this and it was getting a bit hectic keeping track of it all. So the Data & Analytics team set to the task of collating it all into an accessible (yet detailed!) management ready dashboard. If we don't say so ourselves it's gone over pretty well!


Often seen as a necessary evil for most marketers we managed to find some oddball that actually enjoys it, spoilers, it's me!

What's the point of a report? Showing ROI. If we can see what is and isn't working, and that we're generating a positive impact on ROI then we're in a good spot. We’ll never hide the bad news because bad news is as valuable as good news when it comes to improving. Plus, we're very passionate about transparency

Our reporting isn't fractured by channel it's all combined, so you measure the impact of social vs search, paid vs organic and more besides. We even did all the spreadsheet magic so you just need to click some buttons and you'll see exactly what you're looking for.

Our reports only tell you what you care about and what we think you should do with that information. For example, we don't bother with keyword ranking reports for SEO because we think that's super outdated. What we do instead is measure the volume of organic traffic and if it's doing what you need it to do.
We also store past data in the reports for easy month-on-month or year-on-year analysis.

Technical Marketing

Due to the technical nature of our work we're the natural go-between for web development and marketing both internally but also for our partners.

We have got a clean split of partners who use us for web development and those with the internal or third-party resource in all instances it's the Data & Analytics team that translates technical requirements to plain English and vice-versa.

From technical audits (Technical SEO + Web Performance) to crawl audits and server-log analysis, we get stuck into the half-way point between web development and marketing.

If you've read this far drop us an email - - saying as much and we'll take a quick look at a project and give you our initial thoughts as a freebie. (...yes we're tracking people clicking that email, did you have to ask?)

We'll be sharing more and more of our exploits as a team and the wonderful world of data from now on so keep tuned for exciting answers to big questions like "What's the big deal with tag management anyway?" and "Privacy law is complicated and scary, what do I actually need to do?" plus my personal favourite "Do puns punish conversion rates?".

We're off to spread positivity one metric at a time, hopefully, we'll speak soon!

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Michael Chapman

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