You’re only as strong as your client relationships

Strong relationships with our clients are so important to us. And we do everything we can to make sure the people we work with are happy and confident in the projects we do for them. Without good relationships, we have nothing. The faith our clients have in us to do effective, inspiring work is what lets us do the work in the first place.

We work hard to keep our clients happy. For starters, we encourage our account managers and clients to get to know each other – not just to have a transactional relationship. When they get to know each other, understanding clients’ problems, what they need, and their brand positioning is easier and informs better work.

You know what they say about assuming...

But it’s important not to take our relationships for granted, make assumptions about how strong they are or get comfortable. That’s why we measure and monitor them by asking for feedback – good or bad – directly from the people we work with. It helps us address our weaknesses and make our strengths stronger.

Most recently, we asked our clients to complete the annual Recommended Agency Register (RAR) survey. This industry-wide report uses their feedback to score agencies like us on everything from creativity and innovation, to sticking to deadlines, to strategic thinking. And we’re pleased with the results. Our relationships are stronger than ever and only getting better as we keep on improving the services we offer, hire more talented people across the agency, and do better work as a result.

Thanks to all our clients who recommended us. We can’t wait to keep building our relationships and doing even better work together.

Superdream RAR Recomended till Nov 2017

If you’d like to see our full RAR report, please email

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