How do you refocus diminishing loan applications?

City Finance - Loans

The mission

Facebook advertising only works if you have the targeting know-how and a solid user journey. That’s the problem City Finance had with its marketing activity. Historic campaigns were seeing increasingly diminishing returns and potential customers were getting lost in a tangle of slow to load web pages. Cue Superdream to pave the way forwards.

What we did

To improve the user journey, we created a new landing page specifically for social traffic rather than sending visitors to the homepage and hoping they’d find their way. The new landing page included a loan calculator and a clear call to action to help convert Facebook audiences more quickly.

We then created new campaigns specifically with conversions in mind. Segmenting the campaigns by age and gender allowed us to create different ad sets with specific content and imagery for each separate audience to boost the relevance of the adverts. We also honed the creative and targeting to focus on a small number of loan scenarios – such as unexpected vet bills.

What happened?


more loan applications year-on-year


less advertising spend


conversion rate - up from 1.5%

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