How do you help solve a nationwide issue at a hyperlocal level?

Foster Care Associates – Crisis on your doorstep

The mission

In 2017, we embarked on a brand new marketing campaign for FCA. We received more than 9,600 enquiries in 2016, but we needed to convert more of those leads into actual carers. How do we do this? By targeting those most likely to make the best foster carer.

First, we listened and learned. Four sets of research and data informed our creative strategy and campaign route:

A 2016 Recruitment Review.
Carer recruitment officer visits.
Carer profiling.
Mosaic profiling.

Our new campaign had to strengthen the FCA brand and position it as market leader, be emotive, avoid image clichés and fake glossiness and show there’s no typical foster child or carer. In the simplest terms:

Up the urgency – Tell people there’s a big job to do — right now.
Make it the audience’s problem – make it local.

What we did

In a word: Crisis.

People often think fostering is someone else’s problem and becoming a foster carer is a prolonged journey. This campaign makes fostering an urgent and personal problem. Our insight tells this type of messaging is a powerful catalyst for action.

With up-to-date stats about the fostering crisis in their region, we make people feel like they need to take action to help local children – now.

Salvation lies within

The image of a front door makes no judgement as to what a typical foster child, or carer, looks like – there isn’t one. Anyone could be at the door needing help. Anyone could be behind the door offering that help.

The door is a powerful symbol of hope and every potential carer has a home — with a door. We ask those people to open their doors and let a child in – helping to solve the crisis on their doorstep.

What happened?


% uplift in enquiries in Mar-Dec 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.


% uplift in monthly peak enquiry variances in September 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.

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