How do you stand out at a B2B trade show?

Mainline Instruments at Optrafair 2019

The mission

With one of its largest trade shows of the year, Optrafair, approaching, Mainline Instruments tasked Superdream with helping it stand out, build a buzz, and drive sales at the show. Mainline, which sells optical instruments and equipment, had the aim of bettering their results from the show in 2018.

What we did

Firstly, we came up with a creative concept that could be carried through the stand, pre-show marketing and beyond. A bold, Northern Lights theme was decided on, and this was the basis for our MPU banners and full-page adverts in industry titles.

We designed an eye-catching exhibition stand to make a buzz at Optrafair carrying the Northern Lights theme. This served as a signpost for customers, as well as helped to make Mainline stand out at the busy event. This design was also used in other collateral on the day of the event, such as door gel adverts and large boards outside the show hall.

The theme was a hit with customers; some of whom said that they’d seen the Northern Lights theme and had specifically sought-out Mainline’s stand. This theme was only used on one premium product to ensure maximum impact.

What happened?


leads generated over the weekend


products sold

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