A Royal Reason To Give

RBWH Foundation – Royal Giving Day

The mission

Giving days have quickly become a favoured way for many NFPs to turbo-charge their fundraising. Following directly on from our rebrand project, RBWH Foundation tasked us with launching their first ever giving day event that would need to target a vast and varied audience, encouraging large-scale donations in a very short space of time.

What we did

Our first task was to dive into the mindset of the audience where we found that all of our communications would need to focus on three key factors: 1. The personal connection that so many Queenslanders have with RBWH. 2. The amazing ways in which donations would help the hospital. 3. The reason why they should donate in a specific 24-hour period.

Once we’d outlined these parameters, we set about coming up with a campaign proposition that would inspire the audience to action. The answer was ‘Raise it for The Royal’. The perfect antidote for the doom and gloom that frequents our media every day. A positive, feel-good campaign message for every segment of the audience to get behind, combining an inspirational call to action with the colloquial name for the hospital.

This proposition was then developed into the three defining elements of the campaign strategy.
RAISE SPIRITS - The day would be an upbeat celebration all of the good the hospital does, from inspirational success stories to new babies being born.
RAISE AWARENESS - We would make sure everyone is aware of where donations will be spent, and how important their support is to keep the hospital running.
RAISE MONEY - Donations are the priority, so we would make sure CTA’s are always prominent and the ‘double the difference’ factor is explained.

With the campaign strategy in place, we then created the visual style for the day – a much simpler task following the rebrand that we’d completed just a few weeks earlier – which included a sub-brand and a specific campaign design style that we applied to a variety of materials, including: badges, posters, brochures, signage, billboard advertising, organic & paid social media and of course, the donation microsite.

We didn’t stop there though. To drive awareness in the run up to the big day, we created a short film that highlighted all of the amazing work being done by RBWH Foundation, and then amplified it through social advertising. And when it came to the day itself, we were of course on hand to make sure the whole event was a success.

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