How do you turn searching into finding?

Victoria + Albert Baths

The mission

Victoria + Albert is a global brand of luxurious freestanding baths and basins. Problem was, people’s experience of finding a dealer was nowhere near as pleasurable. Looking for your nearest stockist? Fill in a clunky web form and wait for someone at Victoria + Albert to manually reply – often days later.

What we did

We built their new Find a Dealer tool into their CRM system to make the best use of data they already had. And by using the Google Places API to predict your location, Finder a Dealer gives people their three nearest showrooms instantly. Plus, a handy map, contact details and a list of the products they stock helps customers choose from their shortlist. To help Victoria + Albert identify their most popular dealers to inform their stocking decisions, we also built in a search and trends tracking feature.

"The Find a Dealer system is an essential part our website that allows users from across the world to locate their nearest Victoria+Albert supplier instantly. Previously we relied on an online enquiry form which had many disadvantages including a lag in response time due to differences in time zones. The implementation of the Find a Dealer search has resulted in more than a 500% increase in the number of enquires as we found people are more likely to complete a location search than they are to fill out an enquiry form with personal details."

Emma Paintin

Digital Manager at V+A

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