You get 25 days off in the UK, 20 in Australia, including Christmas - and an extra day off for your birthday! Plus bank holidays, and an hour for lunch.


You work really hard so we get you into your weekend quicker than most. Sometimes we might have a drink or two beforehand.


Parties, festivals, outings, we do like a get-together. We even turned our UK office into a pub once.


You’ll get regular reviews and training opportunities to help you get to where you want to be. If you know something, you’ll get the chance to share it.


In Stoke Prior, we’re next to a beautiful stretch of canal. In Brisbane, our warehouse-style offices are in West End, just a short hop from GoMA.


In the UK, we contribute up to 2% of your salary – more than the legal minimum. Superannuation is compulsory in Australia, you obviously get that.

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Meet a Dreamer

Australian Creative Head, Mike Crate, joined Superdream in 2012 as a Designer. He is a passionate, detail enthusiast and this ambition has been recognised by Superdream, allowing him to rise through the ranks. In 2016, Mike was given the opportunity to come to Brisbane to help launch our Australian office.

Initially a 6 month secondment, Mike was invigorated by the challenge of building the Australian business with the local team, and Superdream gave him the chance to stick around and see it through. Now holding an Australian working visa and leading the Australian creative team, Mike is in his element.

Superdream Exchange

There are many global agencies out there, but few have a program that allows their staff to experience a working holiday to the other side of the world, swapping desks with their UK/AU counterparts! This program is offered to anyone who has worked at the agency for a minimum of 18 months, providing there is a place for them at the sister agency.

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