An Intervention

The time has come, we have to talk..

He’s the guy that was once cool but never moved with the times, still sporting the centre parting and addidas trousers with the poppers up the side.
He’s the one that turns up late, drunk and starts falling around and knocking things over.
We have spent years trying to help him out, making special allowances, and changing our plans to fit around him.

Enough is enough though. We need to move on, we have met someone else who is much better for us. He’s considerate, we can take him out in public and he does what is expected. He’s up with all the modern trends and much more intelligent.

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(image:×150.png alt: Internet_Explorer_logo_old)
)Internet Explorer 6, you have to go.

We aren’t the only ones thinking this. Your parents have had enough too…..

That’s right. Microsoft have started a campaign to get Internet Explorer usage below 1%. Currently the global figure is still at about 12% although here in the UK it is much lower at 3.5% (the stats for our own site are actually a lot lower at 1.04% still using ie6)

Users of IE6 will shortly be seeing this message popping up on various websites including msn cnet and microsoft’s own website.

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(image: alt: upgrade)

This push to get IE6 out of use may not be completely altruistic though. Microsoft are preparing for the imminent release of Internet Explorer version 9, which has been in beta version since September 2010. Having a large red banner displayed on 3rd party websites asking people to upgrade to the new version certainly won’t hurt adoption rates.

Whatever the motives are, there is noone better placed to start this campaign.

IE6 has been the bane of many web developers lives for years now due to the extra effort and time needed to coax a new design to display correctly and look the same as other browsers. Don’t get me wrong, IE6 has got countless millions online, the developer tools built in to it are still pretty impressive so it isn’t all bad, but here is hoping that Microsoft’s latest push will be the nail in the coffin.

For more information on newer browsers, migrating away from IE6 and to keep an eye on the usage, visit (link: text:

Now where did I leave those addidas poppers?