The true spirit of Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas, a group of Dreamers have been preparing more than 60 small gift packs to post out to children in care in India.  The gesture follows a trip made to Udaipur in India by Superdream’s managing director Jason Manning who saw first-hand the extreme poverty many of the children are living in – many facing homelessness and some battling illness with no avenue for help.

Realising that even the most smallest gesture would make a huge difference to these children the team at Superdream, headed by receptionist Heather Bevan and account executive Claire Rogers, have been busy preparing small gift packs containing colouring books, crayons, and toys in a bid to put smiles on the young faces of the children of Udaipur.

(image:×576.jpg alt: heatherclaireindia1)

It’s the second Christmas Superdream have prepared gifts packs for the poverty stricken children, working with India-based not for profit organization (link: text: Jatan Sansthan). Jason Manning, managing director of Superdream, said: “Last year we received a video of the children in Udaipur opening the gift packs we sent them, and after seeing the absolute joy on their faces the team wanted to do it again this year.  It’s very humbling to witness first-hand the extreme poverty and hardship these children experience, but how just a small gesture to us can make such a big difference to the happiness of these children.”