Turn up the volume on your next event

A great event will inspire people to capture it and share it! You might be planning a product launch, a corporate Christmas party, or an annual gala dinner; whatever the occasion, you want it to be an event that people engage with! If you’re spending thousands on creating the perfect experience for your guests, it’s also important to find ways to capture engaging content at the event so, that it can be further amplified with a wider audience. An event for 300 guests can spark #FOMO in 30,000 people with the right strategy, ensuring your next event is marked on the social calendar as not to be missed.

Here are our top tips on getting the most out of your event:

**1. Themeing and entertainment:
** If you are going to host a themed event, our advice is go hard, or go home! Ensure every element is considered from the invitation, catering, entertainment, even carrying your theme through to the bathrooms to create a fully seamless experience.

Recently, we hosted the movie premiere for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT. This event helped launch record-breaking ticket sales right across Australia.

Following the Mission: Impossible theme, we held a rooftop party with motorbike stunts, motorbike displays, music, food and beer before previewing the blockbuster. Guests were in no doubt that they were at a Mission Impossible premiere as the theme ran across every touch point.

**2. Guest list:
**Forming the guest list requires strategy, research and understanding your target audience. When it comes to inviting guests and influencers, here are a few questions to ask yourself:
* Who do you want to reach?
* What value will this person add to your event?
* Is this person an active social media user?
* Do their values fit with yours?

It’s not about filling your venue with people, it’s about achieving the overall objectives for the event. These guests will become your content creators, sharing their experience with their fans, readers, friends etc to ensure your event is amplified across a wider audience.

**3. PR and social media:
**Creating a hashtag for your event is a great way to encourage people to take a photo or video and share it on social media. Not only does this generate more exposure for your brand, but it also allows you to track social media activity. Depending on the audience, other affordable social tools are snapchat and instagram geo-filters.

Another way to generate more exposure is to incorporate PR. Whether it’s inviting media, developing a media kit, or sending photos and a story post-event, PR provides a big opportunity for getting your message or brand out to a wider audience beside the guests in attendance.

**4. Capture your event:
**Capturing your event is one of the most important elements—what is the point of executing such a wonderful event if it’s only going to be seen by the people in the room.
Capturing your event with videography or photography allows you to:
* Share it with your target audience across social media
* Develop promotional content
* Send it to media for coverage
* Visually communicate the experience of being there

A video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
So next time you are working on that amazing event, don’t forget to engage a quality photographer and or videographer to capture your event.
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