How to use Instagram to boost your next event


Instagram is a great platform, not only for users and influencers but also for event promoters. It offers a more visually engaging way for you to connect with your audience, and with more than 500 million daily users, that’s a lot of eyeballs.

The recent introduction of (link: text: Checkout on Instagram) just shows how the platform is growing. If you’re hosting an event soon and want to make the most of Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tips on how to use Instagram to boost your event.

## 1# Use hashtags
Hashtags are the key to reaching more people and reaching the right people. You can search relevant hashtags for your event and include it in your post copy, and you can also create a dedicated hashtag for your event so that people know exactly what to search to see all the action from your event.

## 2# Engage influencers
Two words, Fyre Festival. We all saw the (link: text: power influencers can have in event marketing). Reaching out to influencers who share your values and your target audience is a great way to help promote your event.

## 3# Find your value
Post for a purpose. Create content for your event that serves a purpose. Ask yourself, why am I posting this? What do I get out of it? Does it align with my strategy and objectives? Don’t make any of these common (link: text: social media mistakes).

## 4# Go live
Go live on Instagram at the event and make the most of the people attending. Maybe you can interview certain VIPs, hosts or attendees at the event to help engage people who couldn’t make it to this event but might be inspired to come to the next one.

## 5# Go behind the scenes
Share stories from behind the scenes. Maybe you’re setting-up the awesome insta-worthy backdrop, maybe you’re hunting for the perfect venue, or maybe your epic entertainment is rehearsing. Sharing BTS content can help create hype for your event.

## 6# Social listening
Use two-way communication. Respond to comments and questions, create polls and ask people what they might want to see and hear at your event. Two-way communication engages your audience more.

There are tons of ways you can promote your event on Instagram. If you’re looking for more ideas for your content strategy, (link: text: reach out to us today).