The Lions’ roar is in good health for 2018.

And so, summer is well and truly upon us and the creative gongs are being dished out at a rate of knots. Following on from the D&AD Festival in May (and our very own most excellent inaugural Birmingham Design Festival, let’s not forget) the Cannes Lions hove into view this weekend. The most opulent of creative back-patting events that appears on our calendar – and always a feast of brilliant ideas.

I have a special interest this year in the Health & Wellbeing categories. I am becoming a bit of a health nerd, and was fascinated to see what strides creativity and innovation have made this year in making our own lives a richer and better experience - regardless of what hand of cards the fickle finger of fate decides to deal to us as we live out our days.

There are some truly heart-warming and brilliant stories here. Ideas that solve real everyday problems that could face us all – be we in rude good health, or if we deal with a challenge that compromises us every single day. These are my favourites:

Blink To Speak

Grand Prix For Good Health

The world’s first eye sign language created for paralysed patients who cannot speak. Blink To Speak is a set of 50 commands which can be used by anyone to speak with their eyes. With the help of patients and doctors, a specific message was assigned to basic eye actions, covering the most common phrases needed in daily life. Patients whose body is paralysed and has speech difficulties can use their eyes for communication. Simple, life changing, devastatingly good.

Dot Mini. The First Smart Media Device for the Visually Impaired

Health & Wellness Lions/Health & Wellness Tech/Gold Lion

The 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide have extremely limited access to written knowledge: Only 3% of all text content is available in Braille. is a life-changing device for the visually impaired that can automatically convert any digital text into Grade 2 Braille. 200,000 books are already directly available through partnerships Dot Mini with big content platforms like Rakuten Kobo and Yes24. Sadly, mainstream publishers can’t make any money out of translating books into braille. Luckily creativity can find a will – and a way.

Black Supermarket

Health & Wellness Lions/Brand-led Education & Awareness/Gold Lion

People have access to only 3% of existing cereals, vegetables, and fruits in Europe. The other 97% are classed as illegal. Why? Because producers can only sell what is registered in the Official Catalogue of Authorised Species, defined by, yep you guessed it, the agrochemical lobby (grrrr). To change the law, Carrefour decided to defy the law, and launched the BlackSupermarket. Illegal BlackSupermarket installations were created in Carrefour’s stores nationally to sell illegal varieties of cereals, vegetables and fruits. Incredible bravery from a big food chain in trying to overturn this preposterous legislation – and succeeding.

Sip Safe

Health & Wellness Lions/Brand-led Education & Awareness/Gold Lion

Four thousand five hundred Australians have their drink spiked every year - 40% of which lead to sexual assaults. As a caretaker of young people, Monash University set a brief to help educate and make their students and the wider community more aware of drink safety. Sip Safe is a wristband that contains a detector that will check if your drink has been spiked simply by putting a sample of it on the wristband itself. As a father of two girls who are growing up far, far too quickly, this kind of initiative is reassuring. Absolutely brilliant.

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Steve Price

Creative Director

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