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Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg may have been on the end of grilling from the US Congress about its data management policies recently, but it hasn’t stopped it from making it advertising policies even more stringent over the past few months.

These changes have seen advertisers’ accounts disabled permanently for something as simple as using too much text (more than 20%) in an ad image. Additionally, if an ad account is disabled, the payment card and name may not be used to re-register a different ad account, so it’s now more crucial than ever to ensure your campaigns conform.

There’s a difference between an ad that gets disapproved immediately, versus one that is flagged after running for a period of time. Common causes of ad disapproval are:
• Use of flagged words, such as “this” because that word is often used as click bait. Excessive use of “you” or “your” may also cause disapproval.
• Incessant amounts of markings, characters or using all capital letters.
• Issues with your landing page. Redirects to other pages, obtrusive pop-ups, or income claims will get flagged.
• Violating the personal attributes section of the ad policy.
• Using Facebook’s trademark, logo, images or even just not capitalising the word “Facebook.”

If your ads are disapproved after running for a period of time, it could be due to:

• Frequency, or the length of time the ad has been running. If people see the same ad too often they might report, or hide it, which could encourage Facebook to shut it down.
• Negative user feedback, plus reporting, makes Facebook look more closely at an ad, so don’t just set and forget.
• Any changes, or updates, to Facebook's software can also trigger a sweep of disapproved ads, and in this case, it might be a mistake.

So, while Facebook campaigns are not overly difficult for a user to setup, there are serious consequences for businesses who cut corners.

The Superdream social team is dedicated to keeping abreast of any and all developments in the paid social space. This ensures our clients reach their targets, without risking the ire of Mr Zuckerberg. Contact us on hello@superdream.co.uk or call us on 01527 573 770 to discuss how we could help.

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