Bosch Commercial

How do you target a very specific market?

With up to 1.6MW of power and a ground-breaking control allowing it to be operated from anywhere in the world via a tablet, the GB162 heating system from Bosch Commercial is significantly more powerful than its domestic counterparts. That gives the boiler a very defined customer base – of large multi-room buildings such as hospitals, schools, care homes and housing blocks. But how do you target this very specific market?

That’s exactly what Bosch Commercial tasked Superdream with, when it came to the launch of the GB162 heating system. Our mission was to plan and deliver a multi-channel activation for the system, targeted at this specific audience base.

We created and delivered a fully integrated and highly targeted campaign to ensure that GB162 was promoted to the right audience. We produced a high-end product film coupled with animation, built a functional landing page, and drove traffic to this page using PPC, display advertising, and YouTube adverts.

Superdream was also responsible for all of the creative for the launch campaign, designing striking merchandise, producing press adverts, and creating case studies – all of which were developed, and delivered with Bosch Commercial’s very specific target market in mind.


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