Gruen: The Pitch

Can you save the Great Barrier Reef by paving over it?

We appeared on the irreverent Australian TV show Gruen for an episode of The Pitch – an advertising competition that gives agencies an impossible brief or unsellable product. Pitched against Engine Group, our task was to convince Aussies that paving over the Great Barrier Reef is a bonza idea.

We decided that to sell this concept, we needed to pitch it to a new, younger, generation. A generation that demands everything instantly, and isn’t prepared to wait around when things don’t go right the first time. So we created a new reef. A reef full of guaranteed sightings. A reef that provides individually tailored experiences. A reef for Millenials.

A reef 2.0
Natural is history.


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judges voted for our idea and we won
The Pitch
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resultcontent: ‘Aussies tuned in, winning TV ratings for that night, even beating Home & Away’
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