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Content for a nation:

Mirvac Retail owns and manages a dynamic and growing portfolio of shopping centres across Australia’s eastern seaboard with a strategic focus on growth assets in key urban and metropolitan markets. Every aspect of their business is geared towards creating value for our stakeholders and delivering highly relevant and engaging experiences for our customers.

Incorporating over 400,000 square metres of retail space and more than 1,600 retailers, Mirvac’s centres have strong positions in their local markets with geographic, retail and economic diversity providing a consistent income stream.

Our solution:

Content is key in developing a strong brand presence, growing their audience engagement, and ultimately increasing sales. We develop on-going content for Mirvac’s retail shopping centres across Australia.

We write and produce engaging and inspiring content for Mirvac drawing on Google keywords, forecasted searches, research, trends, and customer insights. This research component allows us to create content that is highly aligned with not only Mirvac’s existing audiences, but also captures new audiences. We develop this content each quarter with a content calendar.

Mirvac’s audience is mostly mothers so whatever we produce needs to be:
* easy to build from home,
* time sensitive
* look authentic
* entertaining
* helpful

The types of content we develop range from DIY and how-to videos, to fashion blogs, easy recipes, and children’s activities.