CS Energy – Process Safety

Keeping process safety front of mind

Process Safety is critical in preventing catastrophic events in energy stations and any workplace where there are hazards and risks. CS Energy needed to roll-out new processes and training around Process Safety, but their 700 staff didn’t fully understand what Process Safety was, and how important it is to their health and safety.

We needed to help staff understand their role in Process Safety and the devastating consequences if critical processes are not followed.

We needed to make the messaging personal so that the campaign would resonate with staff. We needed to create a sense of urgency, a campaign that said, take note!

P.S Always on my mind – a campaign centred around the personal connections staff had with ‘near misses’ and Process Safety incidents in the past.

The messaging tied emotional stories from staff with their direct roles, highlighting the actions staff take each day to prevent a small problem from turning into a big one.

The campaign involved filming staff recounts of safety incidents at each site shared in videos and communications materials, disseminated across internal communications channels, and lead by site leaders. A suite of creative posters, signage and merchandise were also designed, printed, and displayed to remind everyone of their role in Process Safety.

The language and messaging needed to be right for this campaign to be a success and we conducted several focus groups and interviews at each site to ensure there was buy-in and input from staff into the messaging right from the beginning.


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resultnumber: 12/12
resultcontent: site leaders engaged in Process Safety
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resultnumber: “700”
resultcontent: employees know their role Process Safety
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