Ecco Ripley by Sekisui House

Inspiring a tree change

Ecco Ripley is a residential development by Sekisui House in Ipswich centred around community and sustainability. It focuses on providing a harmonious blend of urban living surrounded by nature. Working alongside a brand re-fresh, Ecco Ripley engaged us to develop content for the launch of their next land release.

After submerging ourselves into the Ecco Ripley brand, we developed creative concepts that complimented their tagline, ‘Where life falls into place’.

The content needed to capture the Ecco Ripley lifestyle; the nature, the community, the sustainability and highlight what’s coming in the future.

After the creative concepts, we developed the shot list, storyboard, and scripting, and managed the locations, casting of suitable talent, styling and props.

Over a two-day photography and videography shoot at Ecco Ripley, we captured the the essence of this development and what it means to be a part of this unique community, as well as the home design and lifestyle.

Ecco Ripley was provided with a suite of branded content, including:
•Long and short-form branded video
•Short social clips
•A suite of images to be used on social, billboards, marketing collateral and the website.


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