Inala Community House





PR/ Communications


The Mission:

Inala Community House is a non-profit community organisation that provides services and activities to benefit individuals, families and communities in Inala and surrounding areas. For over fifty years, the organisation has been servicing the area and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the community. With such a diverse range of services, in a highly competitive market, Inala Community House engaged Superdream to be their full-service marketing team through a subscription model.

Why did Inala Community House choose an agency?

We asked Inala Community House CEO, Josh, about his decision to engage an agency for their marketing support, rather than implementing an inhouse team. Here is what Josh had to say….

“As a small but extremely diverse not-for-profit organisation, achieving our marketing goals whilst keeping our marketing support in-house was becoming more and more challenging. Engaging an agency would allow us to access a team of experts spanning multiple fields who would be ready to support us as and when we needed them. This access to expert knowledge and flexibility was a significant factor in us choosing to engage an agency.”

What we did:

Let’s start at the beginning… it’s a very good place to start! The Dream Team began by hosting a brand workshop with the team and developing a brand identity and strategy. This workshop looked at all the services, the unique value offering of Inala Community House, and also the pain points for their marketing and communication activity.

The strategy looked at objectives for the organisation and their diverse target audiences and also developed a series of tactics, including a new website, content strategy and a branding review.

From here, Inala Community House engaged Superdream in a subscription capacity, implementing the strategy and managing their ongoing marketing needs. In the first six months of the subscription, Superdream implemented a new website (consolidating their three separate platforms), created and implemented a content strategy, consolidated all their social accounts into a single brand account, created a comprehensive brand guideline, and developed a branding campaign showcasing all the services on offer. These tactics were in addition to social media management, copywriting, design support, project management and digital advertising campaigns.

As we move forward in 2024, Superdream continues its collaboration with Inala Community House, focusing on identifying key goals and challenges they aim to overcome. Building on our previous achievements, we have crafted a refreshed strategy, complete with specific tactics and timelines, to accomplish their objectives. We are excited to maintain our partnership with the team and support them in achieving even greater success!