Key Assets Australia

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Can one child get the attention of 167 million people?

More than 43,000 children needed care in Australia—the highest number on record, but the number of people willing to become a carer was at an all-time low. Foster care was in a state of crisis.

Superdream conducted a national survey to uncover the perceptions of foster care in Australia. The survey found that almost 50% of Australians knew nothing or very little about foster care.

Using insights from the survey and research, we implemented a multi-award winning integrated marketing and communications campaign to enhance public awareness of foster care, the issue and Key Assets.  

‘Can I Foster?’ comprised of a viral social experiment, an influencer strategy, a national publicity and advertising campaign, and a microsite developed to capture and filter quality enquiries.

The social experiment gained significant media coverage in every major print and online news source, as well as radio and TV.

The advertising targeted a subset of the population who share a certain set of values, as opposed to targeting traditional demographics. Through software and research, we were able to pinpoint the location and media consumption of this target audience. We knew exactly where and how to reach them. The social experiment and advertising encouraged people to visit the microsite to complete an enquiry. 


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