Out of the Blue Box

A unique brand challenge

The ‘Out of the Blue Box’ Reef Innovation Challenge is a global call to action. The core objective of the challenge is to kickstart and accelerate novel and out of the box solutions from around the world.

GBRF and Tiffany & Co. Foundation are looking for new ideas and approaches that can strengthening the recovery of the Reef, focusing on the three challenge areas. These have been identified by a panel of scientists as areas that are critical to reef recovery, both in the Great Barrier Reef, as well as in other fragile reefs around the world.

They awarded AU$300,000 to the winning concept as chosen by the expert panel and Challenge Partners. The winner of the People’s Choice Prize received AU$150,000.

Formed the visual identity, communications and digital presence for the challenge with a tight turn-around time (2weks to deliver brand identity) with expert project management in order to manage multiple stakeholders at both Great Barrier Reef Foundation in Australia and Tiffany & Co. Foundation in North America. We achieved this by working around the clock with our UK creative team in a truly global effort.

The final brand was then rolled out across the following assets:

* Project branding incorporating the brand style of both partners (Tiffany & Co. Foundation and Great Barrier Reef Foundation)
* Project website
* PR to spread word about the challenge and encourage submissions
* Social media – content across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
* eDM template
* General collateral – Letterhead, invitation, email footer, flyer/poster
* Video for the homepage outlining the challenge


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