RBWH Foundation Rebrand

A Right Royal Rebrand

After many years of brand dilution, RBWH Foundation needed help to realign their brand with the lifesaving work they support at Queensland’s largest hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. RBWH Foundation asked us to find a new approach for their brand identity that would more closely align with their purpose and introduce a future-proofed consistency to their brand architecture.

The catch? The new brand identity had to be launched and in-place before a major new fundraising initiative… in 7 weeks!

Normally we would set aside a few months to complete a project of this size, so we knew, in order to get this done and done right, it would require a very close and open working relationship. We started with a full client immersion session where we learnt about the ins and outs of the brand, conducted a full audit of existing brand collateral, and spent time researching the audience’s existing perceptions of the brand.
Next? Time to get stuck into the fun bit. Crafting a new brand identity that took all the existing strengths of their identity and built on them to create something unique that would set the charity up for years to come.

Following audience feedback about the most recognisable elements of the old identity, we built the new logo around a refreshed and more abstract take on a crown icon. This new icon took it’s inspiration from nature to symbolise growth, change and giving life, all of which are key messages from the RBWH Foundation brand purpose. This new icon was combined with a new modernised wordmark that would allow the brand to work more functionally across a wide variety of traditional and digital materials.

We then brought the whole visual identity together with a new style system created from the petals found in the crown icon and paired it with a supporting colour palette inspired by precious stones. Finally, we built a robust brand guidelines document that would help to ensure the brand identity always looks it’s best long into the future, and assisted the RBWH Foundation rollout the new look across everything from signage and email signatures, to brochures and even their website.