Wasps Rugby Club

How do you effectively track your marketing efforts?

It’s one thing generating a buzz, but you could end up getting stung if you aren’t able to track your marketing efforts. This is exactly the problem Wasps Rugby came to us with. Ticket sales were flying, but they had no way of attributing these sales to individual campaigns. How do you effectively track your marketing efforts?

After carrying out an attribution audit, we identified that Wasps’ ticketing system and website weren’t integrated, so our first task was to get them talking to each other.

To do this, we set-up cross-domain tracking so that the data from both could be unified in Google Analytics. We then added a wide range of event triggers to monitor how and when customers interacted with the two sites – all in a GDPR compliant manner.

We tested, tracked, troubleshooted, and tested again to get this working as hard as it possibly could. Now, the Wasps team can see the results of their marketing activity in an easy to view dashboard – right from a Facebook post through to a ticket sale.