And cue the New Year campaigns for 2016

(image: alt: and cue the new year campaigns 2)

I can’t even begin to imagine the volume of New Year’s resolutions that have been made this month, let alone predict the amount that have already been broken a week into the New Year. A study in 2007 by the University of Hertfordshire found that of 3,000 people surveyed a huge 88% failed to keep their New Year’s Resolution. Below is a list of some of last year’s top New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Read more books
2. Save more money
3. Lose weight
4. Re-decorate
5. Take better photos
6. Go travelling
7. Sell old stuff I don’t need on eBay
8. Buy a tablet
9. Organise photos – either get them printed, and/or delete poor ones and save good pics
10. Do something for charity

Not even a full month has passed for 2016 and already we have seen an array of campaigns splashed across our screens. With the ‘New Year – New me’ mantra on everyone’s social media feeds and on all our minds, we take a look at some of the New Year campaigns that have surfaced as well as a New Year reflection campaign Superdream has worked on for a client.

Thomas Cook: Leave It To Us. You’re On Holiday

Thomas Cook has launched two TV adverts ‘Be Lazy’ and ‘Go Crazy’ as part of their new campaign Leave It To Us: You’re On Holiday. The adverts give people the sense that while on holiday with Thomas Cook they can do whatever they want to do and can be whoever they want to be in 2016. The marketing campaign peaked around Boxing Day just in time as the mad holiday booking season approached.


Cancer Research: Dryathlon

This campaign was launched to encourage people to participate in ‘Dry January’, essentially an alcohol free month. The campaign encourages sponsorships for the challenge helping raise funds for Cancer Research UK.  An advert has been created for the campaign with a special song encouraging people to have fun and enjoy an alcohol free January.


Protein World: New Year, New You

(link: text: As seen in a previous creative view blog), after last year’s beach body posters which caused outrage amongst so many people, one of the more controversial brands of 2015 strikes again. Protein world have also joined in with their New Year’s resolution advert, featuring bikini clad models after going after their new year’s resolutions.

NSPCC: Let’s Keep Kids Safe Online

Children’s charity (link: text: NSPCC has partnered up with O2) for the launch of its New Year campaign. The campaign is part of a larger awareness scheme targeted at parents to keep their children safe online. The campaign involves workshops, a helpline and safety videos, which aim to educate parents and to help them understand social media and the internet the way that children do, in order to keep their kids safe in 2016.

FCA: ’What are you waiting for’ campaign

Here at Superdream we have also worked on a New Year campaign for one of our clients, (link: text: Foster Care Associates) (FCA). The campaign is all about making a positive change in 2016 by considering fostering. The Campaign was inspired by the moment FCA’s co-founder, Jan Rees, experienced what she calls ‘her light-bulb moment’ after reading an article on fostering.