Doors open on the new 2017 advertising campaign for Foster Care Associates

We’re all massively proud to announce our new 2017 advertising campaign for Foster Care Associates. It’s the culmination of four months hard work and it’s great to see it finally come to life.

Building on great successes in 2016, this campaign has been devised to target those most likely to make the best foster carers. It’s been informed by research and data and gets away from falling into the trap of showing clichéd images that make assumptions as to what a typical foster child or foster carer might look like. When it comes to fostering, there’s no such thing as typical.

We’ve sought to strengthen the FCA brand and position it as market leader.

If the campaign can be summed up in a word, that word is ‘crisis’. People often think fostering is someone else’s problem and becoming a foster carer is a prolonged journey. This campaign makes fostering an urgent and personal problem. Our insight tells us that this type of messaging is a powerful catalyst for action.  With up-to-date stats about the fostering crisis in their region, we strive to make people feel like they are able to take meaningful action to help local children – now.

The image of a front door makes no judgement as to what a typical foster child, or carer, looks like. Anyone could be at the door needing help. Anyone could be behind the door offering that help. The door is a powerful symbol of hope.

Every potential carer has a home, and a door. We ask those people to open that door and let a child in – helping to solve the crisis on their doorstep.

(image:×966.jpg alt: fca doors)