Get on your procrastination station

*Last week, Glug came to Brum. If you haven’t been to a Glug event before, it’s a series of talks and networking for people in creative industries. They get speakers in from all over Europe covering everything from apps to animation; illustration to interiors. (Here’s *(link: text: *where the next ones are*)*.)** 
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This meetup’s theme was procrastiworking – the things we work on when we should probably be working on something else. The line-up included talks from Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots creative network; graphic designer Paul Felton; James Chambers and Ed Barrett from Animade; Joyce Li from digital product studio Ustwo; and Marcroy Smith from People of Print.

A few of our creative team went for an evening of mingling, beer, pizza, inspiration and putting off work. Here were some of their best bits.


**Leon, designer**

I’m really into type, so Paul’s talk was my highlight. His work was beautifully crafted and really brought his philosophy to life: if you know the ‘rules’ of ‘good design’ you can break them and create something new and exciting. He really inspired me to do more of my own side-projects and finish the ones I’ve started. Coincidentally, we’ve got a copy of his (link: text: Ten Commandments of Typography) in the office, so it was cool to hear the author talk about how it came to be.

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**Rich, creative head **

I loved Animade’s Full Secs project. A fantastic name that led to a great community. The challenge: create a film in just one second of animation, sandwiched by a two-second title slide and a two-second end slide. Full Secs took on a life of its own, with hundreds of people creating their own videos. To top it off, Animade won new business off the back of it. Shows how important creativity and passion projects are – not just for your own happiness, but they can lead to real work too.



**Dwaine, head of artwork**

The whole evening was really inspiring and made me look at how I do my own little side projects. But Paul Felton and his Ten Commandments of Typography stood out most for me. It was amazing to hear how he kept on developing and bringing a uni project to life once he’d graduated and started ‘real work’.


**Hannah, copywriter**

I’ve always had a hunch procrastinating’s secretly productive, so I found the whole topic pretty affirming and empowering. Pip shared a quote by designer Jessica Hische, which I should stick on my wall: ‘The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.’ It’s so important to give yourself permission to focus on the things you love among what you have to just get done and tick off. They’re the truly important things.

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**Steve, creative director**

I loved Pip’s energy from the Dots. And her f****** swearing, obviously. Gotta love a typography geek as well, especially a local one. So, I’m another Paul Felton fan.

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I guess we should all get back to work, now…