How Nike and Harry’s are redefining gender in advertising

Behind Olivia Coleman’s “Best Actress” acceptance speech and THAT romantic Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper duet, the most talked about part of the 2019 Oscars wasn’t actually anything to do with the award ceremony.

Nike’s “Dream Crazier” advert was a 90-second spot that was an instant viral smash. Narrated by Serena Williams, the advert championed female athletes in a totally new way. It challenged gender stereotypes and was a real dose of girl power.

Williams talks about how “if we show emotion, we’re called dramatic…if we dream of equal opportunity, delusional”. She goes on to talk about some of the “crazy” things female athletes have achieved throughout history.

And it’s not only Nike that’ve stuck two fingers up to gender stereotypes in their adverts this month.

Razor subscription service, Harry’s, launched partnership with Tottenham and England forward Harry Kane with an alternative take on masculinity. In this advert, Kane talks about the things he’s not afraid of such as being criticised, asking for help, and telling his daughters he loves them.

Two different approaches to redefining gender in advertising. Two different ways of challenging longstanding stereotypes in marketing. Two very powerful videos that you can take some key learnings from:

## Be bold
What both adverts have in common is they both challenge the status quo. They tackle issues head on in simple, effective, and impactful ways. Nike turned negative comments made about female athletes into positives – “if they want to call you crazy, show them what crazy can do”.

Is there a misconception in your industry? Is there an outdated ideology you can redefine? Don’t be afraid to stand up, have a voice, and challenge that. It’ll make your marketing – and your brand – stand out.

## Sell emotions
The beauty of both adverts is they make you feel something. The most effective types of marketing are emotive, it hits your customers right in the feels. By tapping into people’s emotions, your marketing is instantly elevated. Instead of selling a product or a service, why not sell an emotion?

Here at Superdream, we believe in spreading positivity. We want everything we do, every interaction you have with us, to leave you feeling great. That’s the emotion we sell. What do you want your customers to feel when they work with or buy from you?

## Content is King
From the visuals to the voiceovers, the content used in both adverts is hugely powerful. What’s more, they work in perfect harmony to make them even more impactful. That’s what you need to do. You need to make your content work harder for you. And work together.

Combining strong visuals with powerful copy can transform your marketing. You want both elements to work together to reinforce your message, sell the same emotion, and tie the campaign together. Does your current marketing do this?

Whether it’s a standalone campaign or a larger-scale marketing campaign, Superdream can help you deliver something that ticks all these boxes. (link: text: Speak to us today)