Mixing business with pleasure, socially speaking.

*Lisa our Senior PR Account Manager has got mixed feelings about mixing business and personal social media it can be both a help and a hindrance, but is it worth taking the risk? *

I’ve always struggled with the idea of mixing personal and professional social media platforms.  In principal using both to help promote the organisation, or client, you work for is a great way to reach new audiences and create engagement, however, do you really want a valued client (or your boss!) viewing your Saturday night antics following an impromptu late night Facebook post?

When does mixing your personal and professional profiles become too much information, both as a reflection on you as an individual and the organisation you’re representing?

A growing concern for employers is how to manage their employees’ social media use, and its potential impact on their brand. Workplace social media policies are gaining attention as the number of people commenting, sharing, liking and tweeting every aspect of their life, including their work life, continues to grow.

So, a CV from a potential employee lands on your desk.  On paper they look like the perfect match, everything you’ve been looking for, so what are you likely to do next?  Probably cyber stalk them and check out their personal social media platforms.  Your perceptions on what was the perfect candidate may have just changed, and not for the better!  The same principal applies to employee engagement on business social media channels.

Personal insights and anecdotes from employees can humanise your brand or organisation, and differentiate you from your customers and competitors.  Just make sure they’re in line with your brand and goals.

So here’s the bottom line – to protect your, and your organisations, reputation think before you post.   Familiarise yourself with privacy settings.  Think about your audience.  Think about your employer’s culture and values.  Think about what impact your post might have when there’s no context or facial expression to show that following a slightly sarcastic, or ironic, comment you made, you were only joking after all!  #smileywinkyface