Myth busting: Working with an agency

Working with an agency is like being in a relationship. With all things considered, a good relationship will be rewarding, fun and lead to growth for both parties. So perhaps you’ve considered working with an agency but have some reservations or need guidance. We’re here to help bust those myths that might be holding you back.

**Myth #1: They’re not familiar with our brand or industry**
Although you are the expert on your brand or service, it may not mean you have all the ideas to achieve your goals. Agencies love problem solving. They are known for their diverse industry knowledge and the ability to adapt to new environments, objectives and customer journey paths. They are built to provide businesses with new angles and understandings of how an audience might think and act towards a brand. Paired with some good old fashion market research – which we love – and you will have that fresh perspective that you may have been missing.

**Myth #2: Working with an agency is expensive**
It’s not expensive, but it is an investment. You’re not only paying for someone’s time, you’re paying for the training, the experience, the insights, the latest industry tools, and the comfort of knowing a team of experts are supporting you and your brand. Through set goals and targets, agencies will work to achieve the best value for money, with the drive to smash previous targets and increase your return on investment. At the end of the day, if you look good, they look good too. If you need support for your team temporarily, employing an agency may even offset the cost of a temporary employee’s wage, and you don’t have to pay sick leave, holiday pay or superannuation.

**Myth #3: There’s no flexibility**
An agency will have multiple clients, and if you’re concerned you won’t be the number one priority, don’t be. It’s like assuming parents will only care for one of their children. If your work is being assigned to someone – it’s because they have the capacity. Agencies are built for multi-tasking, and are extremely flexible. With in-house scheduling and project management, your assigned project manager’s responsibility is to ensure deadlines and targets are being met by the team.

**Myth #4: Agencies only do BIG campaigns**
At Superdream, there is no project or budget too small. Sometimes objectives and goals may have to be attuned to align with a set budget, but this is all part of the planning stage, and you’ll find that a good, transparent agency will work with you to determine realistic outcomes. In saying this, there are agencies out there that may have a minimum spend, but you’ll find they’ll be honest about this during your first conversations and you’ll soon find the right agency for you.

Have I busted these myths for you? If you want to know more about working with an agency, or have some specific questions for me, get in touch on