Carved Wood Effect & Wooden Table Top – Photoshop Tutorial

**First** you will need to find a wood image try (link: text: to buy and downloads great photos

(image: alt: Picture1)

Open the file in Photoshop and save the wooded texture image as layered photoshop file

We need to make a pattern from this image to use later to create the effect:

– Image > Duplicate >
– Now adjust the levels of the new duplicated image
– Image > Adjustment > Levels >
– In the 2nd box set the Input Levels to 1.1
– Ok

(image: alt: Picture3)

(your pattern overlay will be slightly brighter than the background image)

Defining a pattern:

– Edit > Define Pattern >
– Ok

(image: alt: defining a pattern)

You can now close this image as you won’t need it again!

Now find a cool font, logo or image that you want to chisel into the timber. I’m using type and a vector logo created in illustrator.  Find the font you want at (link: text:

Create a new document, using the original wood as your background.  Type the text or bring in your image as another layer.  These can be any colour, as we will add a pattern overlay later.

(image: alt: the graphic)

Now you can apply the following layer style settings:

(image: alt: inner shadow)

(image: alt: bevel and emboss)

(image: alt: colour overlay)

Now we can apply a pattern overlay using the pattern we created earlier!

(image: alt: pattern overlay)

(image: alt: apply stroke)

with that done it should look something like this…

(image: alt: nearly there)

**Nearly there!**

Now… we need to create a duplicate layer of the background.

– Move this layer to become the top layer
– Image > Adjustments > Desaturate

(image: alt: desaturate)

– Go to the Layers Window
– Select the pull down menu and change to Overlay
– Change the opacity to 60%

(image: alt: fin)

**That is it – Simple!**

You can create lots of different effects and images using this tutorial.  I have created a world map carved into a wooden table and added pins (see below)

(image: alt: wood craved world map)