5 reasons to invest in a professional logo design

Acting as the “face” of your brand, a logo has the power to attract or deter potential new customers. It is so easy for start-ups and even established companies to skimp out on a professionally designed logo which can often lead them to needing another rebrand to stay current after a couple of years and/or to not fade away amongst their competition. These five reasons explain why your logo is an investment rather than just an icon that “we kind of need to have to look professional.”

**1. First impressions matter**
It only takes 7 seconds to form a first impression based on looks. In those seven seconds, if your logo doesn’t resonate with your target audience, they will most likely look elsewhere. Considering your logo will be seen everywhere from business cards and comp slips to your website and advertising, it is essential that your logo, in support of the branding, sums up your brand and personality.

This is an opportunity for your brand to stand out from the crowd and speak to its target audience. If you’re a florist for example, having a strong graphic of a tiger and a rose as your logo will most likely deter potentional clients, unless your company’s aesthetic is all about selling edgy bouquets to a target audience that like rock and roll, tattoos and alternative culture, for example.

**2. It’s not all about a good idea**
Based on what you’d like to achieve, a good designer will begin by researching your competition to see if they can identify trends in the industry as well as your target market whilst taking into account your company values. This is so that when it comes to designing your logo, they can ensure that it is unique and holds its own against other competition.

**3. Building a trustworthy reputation**
A professional logo with branding to match will build trust and reflect your quality of business. A company consistent with its branding will look organised, professional and memorable – their audience is always familiar with the who is speaking to them. Apple and Coca-Cola are examples of companies that do this well.

**4. Longevity**
An important part of a designer’s role is to ensure your logo is timeless. Yes, sometimes re-branding is an option when your business changes focus or your targeting a different audience, but not because the first time around your design wasn’t strong enough.

Giving your company a face-lift every few years can lose trust with your audience as well as make your company look indecisive and unprofessional from an outsiders perspective. A well-designed logo will prevent the company from having to rebrand every few years, hence why a professional logo is a crucial investment.

**5. The right assets**
Investing in a professional logo means once the design has been signed off, you’ll get all the files you need to go off on your own. These files will include different file formats of the logo; horizontal, vertical, mono and full colour variations and files specific for CMYK printing or web use. Having a good relationship with you designer is always handy as it can get pretty confusing but they will always be able to recommend which asset you will need for what application.

I hope these points have helped you see the value in a professional logo design. One of the most important things in business is brand loyalty and gaining your customers’ trust. A professional logo will not only provide a great first impression, it will consistently reinforce your brand message and eventually become your secret marketing weapon, so don’t skimp on a professional logo design!