Spring clean your marketing

Spring 2019 is here and call us a cliché, but we at Superdream are big advocates of the spring clean.

No so much the “pull on your marigolds and channel your inner Mrs Hinch” kind. But more the “spring clean your marketing” kind of tidy up. We’re talking dusting in all those forgotten and neglected funnels, giving your email lists a good tidy, and sprucing up your social media. But how can you go about spring cleaning your marketing?

## 1. Website
Start off with your website. This is the first-place prospects – and many existing customers – will go to for more information. If you’re not offering them a great experience, they’ll click that ‘x’ in the corner and visit your competitors instead.

Run a Google Analytics report to check you don’t have any broken links. If you find any, fix them. While you’re there, check you have adequate and working tracking in place. Finally, check all information is correct such as staff listings, phone numbers, and your product descriptions.

## 2. Content
Speaking of content, it’s a good idea during your marketing spring clean to run a content audit too. You’ll be adding content to your site as and when you need it, but this can lead to a cluttered website that’s clunky and difficult to navigate. How do you fix this?

* Identify if your most visit web pages the ones you want people to be visiting the most
* Optimise your most visited pages for conversions
* Identify the key pages that aren’t being found but should be and work to improve them

This simple process can show you exactly how your content is performing and show you where improvements are needed. You don’t need to be spring cleaning to do this either. It’s a good idea to perform regular content audits on your website.

## 3. Email Marketing
Email is a great way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers, but when was the last time you evaluated how your email marketing as performing? As part of your marketing spring clean, it’s a good idea to cast an eye over your autoresponders and your email lists.

There are a few things you should be looking at here:

* Are your open rates what you’d expect?
* Is the content in your automated sequences still relevant?
* Are your recipients clicking through from your emails and taking action?

If not, review, update, rewrite, and test.

**Email Lists**
When was the last time you reviewed your email list? Your recipients may change their emails leaving your with some invalid addresses on your list. Find these and clear them out. You should also look at re-engaging with some of those people who haven’t opened or clicked an email for a set period.

## 4. Social Media
Did you, like so many others, jump on the GooglePlus bandwagon? When was the last time you logged into it? The next area that needs a good scrub while spring cleaning your marketing is your social media presence.

Take some time to review everywhere you have a business presence on social, and check your information is still all up to date and accurate. More importantly though, decide where you want to best invest your time.

## 5. Branding
Finally, there’s your business branding. Does yours reflect your current position – both as a business and within the industry? Is it still speaking to your target customers? As brands grow, you may find that some parts of your branding are no longer working as hard for you as they can. You may not need a complete brand overhaul, but a few tweaks can ensure your marketing has a spring in its step going forwards.

Conducted a spring clean and need some help freshening things up? You’re in the right place! Superdream’s team of experts across digital, creative, and PR can help. (link: https://superdream.com/get-in-touch text: Contact us today.)