Two days, 18 halls, 26,983 steps

**Interpack is the world’s largest packaging exhibition, held once every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany. It brings together international packaging and processing manufacturers to showcase the latest technologies and innovations across seven days of the show.**** This year, our head of client services Mark, and senior account manager Natalie visited on the first two days of the exhibition. Here, they tell us about their experience. **

We landed in Germany at 10.30am and headed straight to Messe Düsseldorf, which covers 306,000 m² – that’s the equivalent to over 40 football pitches!

Our first stop was our client Ishida’s stand, and it was a treat to be greeted by free ice cream on arrival. This is Ishida’s 12th Interpack exhibition, and this time they showcased their whole range of machinery over two stands. From the multihead weighers where Ishida made their name, through to their latest innovations in X-ray and leak detection – having worked on the launch of both of these ranges, it was great to see the machinery in action.

(image: alt: Picture1)

Ishida’s 2017 Interpack stand


The show is a great opportunity to see what the rest of the market is up to. We also dropped in on a couple of our other clients’ exhibitions – Automated Packaging Systems, and Bosch.

Over the two days, we saw most of the 2,670 stands – many of the ones that caught our eye featured sleek design, video and put the technology as the star of the stand.

As always when we visit exhibitions, we’re looking out for new ways to engage visitors. One exhibitor even drew in huge crowds with loud music and a performance of dancing robots that handed out product samples to people in the audience.

You can understand why exhibitions and conferences are so important to businesses, as on every stand we walked past, people were holding meetings and doing business. It shows you that there’s really nothing better than seeing your customers face to face. And in the manufacturing industry in particular, these exhibitions serve as a mobile demo room – at Interpack, these brands were showcasing their equipment to nearly 175,000 visitors!


We finished our two days off back at the Ishida stand for their VIP drinks reception (and one last ice cream for the road…)

(image: alt: Picture2)

Natalie and Mark with their Ishida ice cream