Gruen – The Pitch






Convince gen-Z to watch ABC:

ABC’s Gruen is a popular, long running panel show dedicated to unpacking the noise around advertising campaigns in Australia. Superdream were asked to return for a second time to take part in a head-to-head challenge and answer an “impossible brief” see our last pitch here.

The ABC has just turned 90 years old, however with the rise of streaming services, will Aunty make it to 100? Our brief was to convince non-ABC viewers to watch the ABC!

Our solution:

As we would with any brief, we started by considering who the audience is – basically, who do we need to convince? With the majority of ABC viewers in the 60+ demographic, we identified the need to target young people, and Gen-Z in particular.

ABC Kids offers fantastic programming, adored by parents and kids alike, however once children reach their mid-late teens, they really lose interest. So in order to attract generations at the bottom end of the alphabet, the ABC needs to cater to XYZ. Check out our Pitch…