Are you engaged?

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What is engaging content? Engaging content is appealing. It stops you in your tracks and encourages you to connect with it, learn from it or feel a certain way. It may offer a new perspective, an unexpected laugh or something helpful, but either way, engaging content is relevant to you in that moment.

So how do we create engaging content that will make your audience double-take?

### Create with purpose
Firstly, content needs a purpose—whether it’s inspiring your audience, attracting new customers or encouraging sales, purpose-driven content is what engages your audience while delivering on your overall business goals. Ask yourself ‘who is the audience you’re trying to engage and what do you want your audience to do, think or feel when they see your content?’ This is a good first step to figure out the types of content that you should focus on.

### Be original
Producing 100% unique content is very tough and it’s likely that your idea has been done before. So, how can we overcome this?
The answer is adding your own unique voice or spin to the subject. If you’re doing a photoshoot, think of how you can make it your own with your photography style or how you do the final editing. If you’re writing a blog, write it with your personality and share your own experiences, these will always be unique to you.

### Visual storytelling
Visual content is an effective way to make people fall in love with your content. Visual stories are easier for people to relate to and remember. This is why we like to read magazines and watch Netflix—we just want to know what comes next. Creating a visual feast is key to keeping your audience satisfied and coming back for more.

### Mix it up
Diversifying your content is one of the easiest ways to keep your audience engaged. Change up your format with a mix of videos, carousels, quotes, and graphics. Develop a mind map with all your relevant topics to draw on. Finish off your content with a well-crafted title that spikes interest.

In the end, always keep your audience at the heart of everything you do and do it with purpose and passion. This will shine through in the content and keep your audience coming back for more.