Content is contagious

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The need for uplifting, informative and entertaining content has never been greater. The uncertainty of these times poses a threat to businesses large and small, across countless industries and on an unprecedented global scale. Traditional means of entertainment such as sport, live music, movies, festivals, even bars, cafes and restaurants are being removed, but our collective thirst for distraction is at an all-time high.

During our last global recession in 2008, **Netflix** became one of the biggest success stories, gaining over 3 million members during the peak of the financial crisis. This is proof that while consumers cut back on entertainment expenses and going out, they still crave good content.

**Conference cancelled?** Host an online discussion and invite remote workers looking to continue to connect and learn. **Fundraising event postponed?** Engage your supporters through digital storytelling about where their funds go, and remind them of the importance of charity in times of crisis. **No patrons at your restaurant?** Run an online competition to increase home deliveries, or do what GYG’s did today and get PR mileage out of free delivery.** Missed speaking opportunities?** Now’s the time to launch that podcast! There’re countless ways to pivot your strategy to accommodate for this new normal.

Creative content marketing can also be an effective engagement tool for a newly remote workforce. Host an online yoga session for staff, and open it up to clients who are also working remotely. People will crave human connection, and brands that give them that will see this crisis through. Now is the opportunity for brands to double down on their content marketing, and ensure that during this chaos your business stays front of mind for your audience. When this passes, and be sure that this too shall pass, brands who continued to engage with their customers will see the benefit of this farsightedness.

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