Four main purposes of content

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Have you ever asked yourself if your content really appeals to your customers? After all that planning and implementation, are they even reading, watching, or engaging with your brand? Content marketing has revolutionised the ways in which we interact with customers on both a rational and emotional level as you guide them along the path to purchasing your product.

The Content Marketing Matrix is a useful tool we use to check that our client’s content appeals to their audience at every point of their purchase journey. It can help you clarify exactly what you need to achieve when creating content, and assist with future planning to cover a wide variety of interests, while satisfying demands your customers may have.

(image: a3932_sdau_content_marketing_matrix_1.1-ratio-v1a-hp-visual-03.jpg)

This diagram represents the four main purposes of content, which include to entertain, to inspire, to educate and to convince. Failure to create content that aligns with these criteria could result in missing out on attracting your potential audiences.

Here at Superdream, we’ve used this guide for a number of our clients. Take a look below.

## Entertain

Attention grabbing and entertaining content creates an emotional reaction in people, which can tug on their heart strings in a way that urges them to make a change. This emotionally charged campaign for Key Assets Australia raised awareness of the need for more foster carers. It went viral, generating over 167 million impressions in 13 different countries.


## Inspire

Inspiring content reaches your audience on an equally emotional level. Be it celebrity endorsements, events or reviews and ratings – these types of content are aiming at pushing your audience towards the purchasing decision while inspiring them on an emotional level. Our campaign with Paramount Pictures Australia attracted media coverage which lead to over 922,000 impressions and helped the film to top more than $346m at the box office worldwide.


## Educate

Educational content is less emotional and more rational, and aims at helping your audience solve challenges they might be struggling with. Our goal was to showcase the incredible work the Great Barrier Reef Foundation does, in a way that could be clearly understood by the general public and to highlight what’s been done to save this natural wonder.


## Convince

Convincing content aims at giving your audiences the last push they need to become customers. As opposed to inspiring content, this category convinces through facts and figures and addresses rational interests of your audience. While working with voestalpine Metsec plc, we used infographics, video content and case studies to convince a broad range of stakeholders of Metsec’s expertise. Results to date include more than 85 pieces of quality coverage and a 100% increase in social media audience.


So, whether you want to raise awareness and educate your audience through an infographic, or inspire them to purchase with celebrity endorsements, the Content Marketing Matrix will guide you in the right direction.

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