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  • Cross-Browser Checking

    Cross-Browser checking, is a process most website developers go through. It is the process of ensuring a website works correctly, or as best as possible on a number of different browsers. (link: http://superdream.co.uk/assets/visits-from-browsers.jpg text: (image: http://superdream.co.uk/assets/visits-from-browsers-300×101.jpg alt: ) )   This is to ensure customers visiting the site, can experience your website, and not run…

  • How to SEO with WordPress

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a very important marketing tool that helps to bring business to your company via your website. It is the act of preparing your site for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to be able to identify and categorise the content of your website, so that users are able…

  • How To Add Any Font To Your Website

    A few years ago, the web was limited only to fonts which you knew the visitors would have installed on their computer, this left the web looking very bland. (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/how-to-add-fonts-to-your-website/#more-4315 text: (more…))

  • 25 Things Your Website Must Have

    I get asked on a daily basis “what should my website have?” So I have put a list together of 25 items I feel every website should have. (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/25-things-your-website-must-have/#more-4311 text: (more…))

  • 1 and Wrong

    When sat at home one evening I was subjected to the new 1&1 advert: 1&1 offer a generic, templated website system, so all of you unique British companies end up looking the same. They are clearly trying to cut designers out of the web development process and as a designer myself, I went off to…

  • Flavour of the Month – BBC

    (link: http://beta.bbc.co.uk text: beta.bbc.co.uk) The current BBC website is already a fantastic site, with great interaction allowing users to move panels around so they can create their own BBC interface. The new beta version of the BBC website loses the interaction but it is so stylish, clean and crisp that I don’t care! (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/flavour-of-the-month-bbc/#more-4303…