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  • Get Outdoors

    A great brand needs exposure and repetition if it is to grow in stature and attract a following of loyal customers. One of the most common forms of brand building is off the page advertising, whether it be in newspapers or magazines. This helps to keep the company name and brand in front of all…

  • Advertising That You’ll Remember

    Advertising should be memorable and stand out from the crowd. It should have an effect on your target audience. here are some great examples of this. (Click the thumbnails to see more detail) (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/advertising-that-youll-remember/#more-740 text: (more…))

  • An Expensive Game of Chess, Anyone?

    We couldn’t resist *not* writing about the above billboard campaign by BMW! It follows an Audi advertisement that calls directly upon their competitors to react to their latest offering – the A4. They probably didn’t bank on BMW taking them up on the offer though! (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/an-expensive-game-of-chess/#more-729 text: (more…))

  • Get On The Bus – Bus Back Advertising

    If you really want to get your brand out there, and build awareness, think about bus back advertising. (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/get-on-the-bus-bus-back-advertising/#more-717 text: (more…))

  • Ring Ring: Your Brand is Always on Show

    A brand is far more than a logo, strapline or colour scheme.  It is every action your company takes and every contact you have with your clients. Your brand identity is the promise you make – your actions must live up to that promise. (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/ring-ring-your-brand-is-always-on-show/#more-697 text: (more…))

  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Marketing in 2012

    As the UK recession looks set to continue well into 2012 and beyond, it’s never been more important to siege every single sales opportunity. In a shrinking market it becomes vital to grow market share and win business from the competition. (link: https://www.superdream.co.uk/6-ways-to-improve-your-marketing-in-2012/#more-4327 text: (more…))